Hit Me with your Best Shot
Season: ---
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 3:50
Death Count: 5
Hit Me with your Best Shot is a fan episode that introduces Conspiracy, the paranoid and fearful wolf.






t's a busy day at the doctor's office and Docter is there helping Safelie give the residents vaccines. Giggles leaves the office with a bandage on her arm and Conspiracy sees her arm. In shock he realizes what's going on and he runs inside. Toxins is about to get his shot and Conspiracy bursts inside and tries to stop him. Toxins, annoyed, punches Conspiracy and calls him crazy, but he awkwardly sneaks away without getting his shot, secretly relieved.

Conspiracy accuses Doctor of using the shots to control people's minds by harming their brain cells. Annoyed, he pushes Conspiracy outside. Realizing he can't stop the doctors directly Conspiracy makes a sign and protests outside. Greg sees the scene and is confused. Lumpy and Nutty are also about to go inside but stop when they see Conspiracy. Greg asks Conspiracy why he is protesting and Conspiracy explains how vaccines are full of harmful substances that cause brain disorders. The crowd laughs at him, and they all leave, except for Greg, DarkFire, and Grinny.

Conspiracy, in a panic decides to make a distraction to stop everyone from getting their vaccines. DarkFire decides to help out and he makes a makeshift bomb with the wolf. Conspiracy sneaks inside and puts the bomb under a table then runs away. The bomb goes off, however it is stronger than expected and it causes the building to shake. Some vaccines fall off a shelf and impale Doctor's eyes. The building then collapses killing everyone inside except for Helix who is seen mixing chemicals hinting that Conspiracy may have been right all along.


  • Doctor's face is impaled with shots
  • Lumpy, Nutty, Cuddles, and DarkFire are crushed by the building


  • This episode is based on the conspiracy theory that vaccines cause Autism.

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