Name: Inky
Gender: intersex (identifies as female)
Species: alien squid
Colors: violet
Interests: Sadomasochism, making friends, her inventions
Friends:  ?
Enemies:  ?
Love interests:
First Appearance:
Inky is a fan character made by User:Fenton Menace.

Biography Edit

Inky is a squid alien from a planet that is full of her species, meaning most of her species have both sexual reproductive organs. It's unknown why Inky came to earth. But what is known is she comes in peace. However, she is a sadomasochist, but doesn't wish to harm anyone, but when she sees someone in pain or shes in pain, she feels satisfied in a way that's subtle.

She makes inventions, some she doesn't realize are deadly. As a result, she rarely uses these inventions on others than herself, thus hurting herself sometimes.

She likes to make friends and is worried about them getting troubled.

Personality Edit

She is a nice and friendly alien, but unknowingly, she is a sadomasochist. Whenever someone is hurt, she feels satisfied but is subtle that she doesn't notice nor anyone, she also hurts herself when testing some of her inventions on herself to see if they're safe. She wishes not to harm anyone unless she has to.

Trivia Edit

  • She was inspired by a dream her creator had.

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