Name: Iris
Gender: Female
Species: Galago
Colors: Pink and Purple
Interests: Trying to sleep, Reading
Friends: TBA
Enemies: TBA
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: TBA


Iris is a Pink and Purple Galago who has bags underneath her eyes and is usually always frowning.

Iris suffers from FFI or Fatal Familial Insomnia for whatever reason, and as a result she is basically terminally ill, with only a few months left. Iris cannot enter any sleep past the 1st stage of the natural sleep process and as a result her body is slowly breaking down.

Iris is terrified and tries everything she can to get a full night of sleep from taking medications to other ideas. But she does know that deep down her disease is fatal and that she will face death no matter what she does.

The disease has 4 stages and she can be in any one in any given episode, but she is usually seen in stage 1 or 2.





  • Despite having a terminal illness she will die mainly like other HTFs.
    • There may be a special episode that chronicles her actual disease and show her true death.
  • She is Pansexual, but is drawn to girls a bit more.

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