Jadeite Eris Tesla
Name: Jadeite Eris Tesla
Gender: Female
Species: Demon/Calygreyhound hybrid
Colors: Dark violet, dark blue, dark grey
Interests: Her powers, her husband, being loyal to her friends
Friends: tba
Enemies: tba
Love interests: Nikolai
First Appearance: tba

Jadeite is a dark violet and dark blue demon/calygreyhound hybrid who lived in Tartarus before being revived. She has a husband named Nikolai.

Characteristics and BiographyEdit

Many years ago, Jadeite used to be dead, mainly because of over-religious christians and people who believe all demons are evil. She was killed by a lynch mob and was crucified. Recently, she regained the ability to return to earth and has started living a new life, as she now has a husband.

Jadeite has pyrokinesis and electrokinesis, thus she has the ability to manipulate fire and electricity. She can only manipulate from already existing sources, however.

Jadeite is VERY terrified of crosses due to her past and is very weak to water due to her powers. She also has intermittent explosive disorder, so she is prone to explosive outburst of anger and violence.


Jadeite is usually very rude and mistrusting towards new people and has a very "dense" shell. If you can crack her shell, she will find you "worthy" of her friendship and will protect you at all cost. If you double-cross her, however, she will never trust you again and will become disloyal to you. Rarely, however, she can forgive people.

Jadeite is easily angered and irritated, so she can easily lash out at anyone. She is frequently noted as very bitchy.


Jadeite is a dark violet demon/calygreyhound hybrid. Since she is a calygreyhound, she has the head of a wildcat, the body of a deer/antelope, the claws of an eagle, the tail of a lion, and the horns of an ox. She has a dark blue muzzle, dark blue spots on her eyes (3 on her left and right eyes, 6 on her middle eye), stripes, tips of ears, tips of wings, and tip of tail. She has 3 crimson eyes with slit irises and an almost black sclera. She has dark grey inner ears and inner wings. Her hair is black with light blue highlights. She also has gold horns and eagle claws. Her nose is also black.

For her clothing, Jadeite has a light blue jacket, a black shirt, jeans, and a moon necklace made of jade.






  • Jadeite is over 1000 years old, but looks 24 and was born on March 23rd.
  • Jadeite used to be a self-insert, but was later killed off because she was too hard to manage.
  • Her last name came from Nikolai Tesla.

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