Name: Jasper
Gender: Female
Species: Skunk
Colors: Orange
Interests: Fighting, War, Weightlifting
Friends:  ???
Enemies: Lapis, Sharky, Peridot
Love interests: Lapis ("crush")
First Appearance: tba


Jasper is an orange skunk that has red markings and yellow irises. It is not known where Jasper is from but she clearly is of alien orign since she is very skilled with space ships and flight travel and seems to have technology that nearly all tree friends have never seen before.

Jasper is very muscular so she is able to throw around other tree friends very easily. She is very abusive trowards almost everyone she meets and is very selfish. She espically likes to taunt those with smaller bodies and frames that are weaker.

She has a important connection to another character that the creator says will be revealed in a later season. (Though those who watch Steven Universe will clearly know what it is.)




  1. LiFt-E - Decapitated


  • She is a small small bit larger/taller than most tree friends.
  • She carries around some kind of device that can electrocute others.
  • She is very good at hand to hand combat as well.
  • Her voice is very gruff compared to other female characters.
  • Due to her voice and visible buffness lots of fans assume she is lesbian or "butch" but this has been neither confirmed or denied.
  • She is a crossover of Jasper from the show Steven Universe though with some differences.
    • The original Jasper is Spongebobfan123's most hated character out of anything ever, and due to this, the HTF version will have a 0℅ survival rate.

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