Jazz (Formerly Jazzy)
Name: Jazz (Formerly Jazzy)
Gender: Transgender Male
Species: Seal
Colors: Brown
Interests: Jazz and Classical Music, Skateboarding
Friends: ---
Enemies: Evil Thorny
Love interests: Slippy (Boyfriend)
First Appearance: tba


Jazz is a Brown Seal who, wears a fancy top hat and tie. He has a strong interest in Jazz music.

Jazz is transgender and as a result he does everything he can to look and appear masculine. He gets very angry when people call him a she. He still has eyelashes and looks for ways to try and get rid of them.

As his name would imply, Jazz loves Jazz music and listens to it all the time. He sometimes plays it on his phone out in public loudly and it drives other Tree Friends mad. Some even try to break his phone. Jazz thinks he is better than others in a way, and is proud of his "classic and intelligent" taste in music. He also likes Classical music.

Jazz also enjoys skating but he is quote "less idiotic" and rides his Skateboard very slowly or only jumps lightly. He secretly likes the skate park but he doesn't want to injure himself as he feels it would be stupid to get hurt from doing stunts.

He has other things he likes but hides. He somewhat enjoys cooking and romance novels but he refuses to admit or do these things in public as they are "girly" activities and Jazz wants others to be sure he is a male.





  • Jazz was previously female and named Jazzy, however he changed his name to make it sound more masculine.
  • Him being a seal was in fact quite a thoughtless choice. The creator wanted him to date Slippy and picked a seal, "Just because" but slightly because they are aquatic animals.
  • He was inspired by a Jazz documentary the creator watched in writing class, where the music was driving her nuts.

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