Keep Greg Safe
Season: 1
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 3:15
Death Count: 3






Tipper and Greg are seen walking out of a movie theater and Tipper suggests that they get ice cream. Greg happily agrees and Tipper tells Greg to wait in the ship while he goes to get. Greg is uneasy but then Tipper tells a command to the ship and we see that the ship is to "Keep Greg Safe". Greg feels a little safer so Tipper walks across the block to get the ice cream.

Tipper waits in the ship and reads a book, until he sees Helix walking up. He flinches and buries his head in his book, trying to ignore him, but Helix begins asking to be let in. Greg looks on in fear, but the ship suddenly reaches out a robotic arm and appears to scan Helix. Helix suddenly falls to pieces having been scanned by laser rays. Greg screams as Evil Flippy walks out of the theater and is surprised to find Helix dead. Evil Flippy growls and the ship picks him up, but Greg begs the ship not to kill him. The ship listens and instead paralyzes Flippy.

Greg sits in the ship, horrified, until some other army members see what's going on. Tirek, Trailblazer and Sharpshot approach the ship with guns to try and stop it while Greg tells the ship to not hurt anyone. The ship agrees but still finds a way to keep Greg safe. Pulling up a file of the army members, the ship then creates a clone of another war member and sets it outside. Tirek gasps and drops his gun, running up to the clone, and begins crying. Apparently the clone is a actual war member that had died and it soon disenagrates leaving a distraught Tirek on the ground. The other war members are stunned and back away.

As a last resort, Super Spider and Mr Roboto are sent out to handle the situation. The two heroes arrive and Greg sternly tells the ship not to do anything. The ship complains that Greg is making it extremely difficult to protect him. As Super Spider and Mr Roboto approach the ship becomes confused and shorts out. Greg sighs in relief untill a countdown clock begins. When the countdown ends the ship explodes, killing Super Spider and Mr Roboto. Greg however, is safe inside of a bubble of some kind. Tipper finally returns holding ice cream, and then yells at Greg for making his ship explode.


  • Helix is sliced to pieces
  • Super Spider and Mr Roboto are burnt from the explosion.


  • Flippy is paralyzed from the waist down.


  • This episode is based on a Rick and Morty subplot, where Rick leaves his granddaughter Summer in his ship and tells it to protect her.

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