Name: Kitten
Gender: Female
Species: Panther
Colors: Dark Pink
Interests: Drawing, her own needs, getting attention
Enemies: Sharky
Love interests: ---
First Appearance: tba


Kitten is a Dark Pink panter who wears a dark T-shirt with an ice cream cone on it.

Kitten is a good artist, but she is very prideful and smug. She complains that her artwork is "terrible" and "awful" in order to get attention and ass-pats. She also secretly mocks people who can't draw or use editing systems or help guides to draw.

Along with being smug, she also lies to people a lot. Kitten is very charming and sweet looking when people first meet her so no one would ever expect her to be cruel.

In the past, Sharky was in love with her and spent 2 or 3 years holding out hope that Kitten would maybe one day like her back. This was because Kitten lied to Sharky and a few others and told them that she was asexual, and "didn't believe in love" as well as "was broken and unable to feel love, my life is sooooo sad give me sympathy but i'm actually lying lmao" Sharky was heartbroken when she found out she was in love with one of her guy friends. Kitten then proceeded to cut off all contact with Sharky.

Nowadays, she is still over dramatic and smug. She is also a Social Justice Warrior and mainly promotes the unhealthy lifestyle of Obesity, and saying that all bodies are beautiful and says it's harassment if a doctor makes diet or exercise recommendations. She is likely a SJW because she likes the arguments between people as well.




  • She is based on the creators first crush.
  • Additionally, the info is mainly true to reality, minus the Social Justice Warrior parts.
  • The actual person had a HTF OC but Kitten is vastly different in order to avoid conflict and also because the creator dosen't want to be vastly reminded of the real person.
  • It is likely that she will not interact with Sharky at all in the series.

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