Name: Lammy
Gender: Female
Species: Lamb
Colors: Purple
Interests: Tea parties, dolls
Friends: ---
Enemies: ---
Love interests: ---
First Appearance: tba


Lammy seems to be a happy, cheerful girly character, as she enjoys playing with dolls and having tea parties. She is also a very sweet character, but her friend, Mr. Pickles, is very violent. She is often seen at the scenes of dead tree friends but she always insists that Mr. Pickles is the one who did it.

In addition to this, she is often teased for having an imaginary friend. This makes her upset but she still believes in Mr. Pickels, and she seems to be close to him, despite her claims that he is a violent creature.

Despite her claims that Mr. Pickels is a real being It is quite possible that she is mentally ill; Mr. Pickels is just a character in her head and in reality, she is doing everything evil Mr. Pickels does herself, only using him as a shield for her own mind not to think that she caused all the deaths. It is possible that she has schizophrenia, a mental disorder where patients often experience bizarre hallucinations and delusions that no one else sees, thus the reason for Mr. Pickels being a "living" creature.






  1. Pervy Sights - Crushed
  2. Under Cone-trol - Bleeds out
  3. What a Painty Mess - Stabbed


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