Late Night Studies
Season: 1
Writer: Spongebobfan123/HTForever333
Length: 3:47
Death Count: 4

Late Night Studies is a fan episode. In this episode, Peridot learns about male anatomy, after encountering Nakey.






It's a quiet evening in Happy Tree Town, and Peridot is seen walking down the side walk. Suddenly, she sees Nakey who is walking in front of her and laughs at his exposed rear. Nakey turns around however and Peridot screams, since she has no idea what she's seeing. Nakey runs off as a few other Tree Friends look on in disgust, but Nakey is then hit by a truck.

Peridot is then seen in the library looking at an anatomy book while blushing. She appears to take some notes and then closes the book. Silver sees Peridot's notes and gives a look of disgust. They glare at each other angrily and we see Evil Flare enter the library in the background. Evil Flare proceeds to kill Spaz by stabbing him. Finally Peridot looks away and sees Flare, and decides to leave the library. We hear Silver scream as Peridot walks away.

Peridot begins to walk home when she encounters Tipper. She awkwardly shows Tipper her notes and he spits out his beer. Peridot glares at him but then Tipper nudges Peridot and winks at her, telling her that Lapis and Sharky will enjoy it when she shapeshifts. Peridot laughs and runs off to her house. Before she steps inside she shapeshifts and a censor bar appears. She looks at it curiously and after it goes up she grins and opens the door to her house.

Unfortunately, Lapis and Peridot are sitting on the couch along with Choco and Opal who stare wide eyed in shock. Peridot still smiles, but then blushes and shuts the door. Choco and Opal awkwardly leave out the front door, avoiding looking at Peridot while Lapis pulls Peridot inside. Peridot is stunned but Sharky giggles and pokes Peridot's new appendage making her blush as the episode ends.


  • Nakey is hit by a truck.
  • Spaz is stabbed to death.
  • Silver is also stabbed to death.

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