Name: Laughly
Gender: Male
Species: Shrimp
Colors: Bright Red
Interests: The Circus, Joke gifts, Making others happy
Friends: ---
Enemies: Stinger
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba

Laughly is a character in Splashy Sea Friends.


Laughly is a unique species of shrimp, a Harlequin Shrimp, who as a result is a bright red color. He wears a Blue hat, dark Blue face paint/make-up and wears white gloves.

As one would guess, Laughly is a clown. He likes entertaining others even though he is somewhat shy. He would be a good clown, but Laughly appears to be Schizophrenic, meaning that he is unable to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. His illness causes him to behave very irrationally and he oftentimes goes out at night and creepily stares at others. At rare times, he could possibly attack others, if he is provoked.

Since the health care under the sea is quite poor, Laughly is unable to get any medications for his disorder. During the day, he is quite normal and his visions or beliefs appear to mainly occur at dawn and throughout the night.





  • He is one of the only characters in Splashy Sea Friends with a mental disorder, the only other being Snowy.
  • He is inspired by the strange real life Clown Panic of 2016.
  • Unlike real harlequin shrimp, Laughly is more solid colored, with a few bright stripes.

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