Name: Lechery
Gender: Male
Species: Bear
Colors: Purple
Interests: Flippy, Exotic Foods, "you know what"
Friends: Tirek (Sometimes)
Enemies: Trailblazer
Love interests: Flippy
First Appearance: tba


Lechery is a purple bear who is always well dressed in his special fancy suit. He has a torn ear which was a result from being crazy about one thing, and one thing only, Flippy. Lechery is completely hung up on Flippy and tries constantly to get his attention, give him gifts, and his main goal, quote "Have that amazing night together." His behavior towards the soldier is downright creepy and invasive, and as a result, many of Flippy's friends, as well as most of the W.A.R dislike him, often telling him to go away when they see him.

He has a very strange and split relationship with Tirek however. Tirek tries to be understanding, since he also feels "Those urges" and wants to help him move on, but all of his attempts fail. Tirek is Lechery's only friend, but yet still his enemy as well.

The tear on Lechery's ear is from his encounter with Flippy's evil side, which he was unaware of at the time. He was amazingly able to escape Fliqpy's clutches with just a few bruises. Incredibly, this encounter just made Lechery even more love struck with the Green bear.

Lechery has a crime record as well, for exposing himself, and generally just stalking and being creepy in bathrooms where Flippy is. His deaths involve his chest or stomach.





  • He was originally going to be called "Lustly" but the creator felt it not fitting, since lust is mainly associated with males liking females. The word "Lechery> is another word for strong sexual fascination.
  • It's very likely that Lechery suffers from Hypersexuality.

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