This is a list of all characters that have been created by GayleRainbow.


Image Name Gender Species

Main Color

Type Information
Greg Greg Male Tiger Grey Fan Character See Greg
Lovely the Grumpy Dog Lovely Female Dog (Bulldog) White Fan Character See Lovely
Snowballthehyena Snowball Female Hyena White Fan Character See Snowball
Safelie2 Safelie Female Chipmunk Tan Fan Character See Safelie
Gary the Rabbit2 Gary Male Rabbit Purple Fan Character See Gary
Not that Bad monkey Bad Monkey Male Monkey Orange Fan Character See Bad Monkey
Dash2 Dash Female Armadillo Purple Fan Character See Dash
Esther-picture Esther Female Squirrel Pink Fan Character See Esther
Laurens Laurens Male Bear Brown Fan Character See Laurens
Lucky Lucky Male Bear Tan Fan Character See Lucky
Boom Boom Male Robot White Fan Character See Boom
Nice XXXX Armor Male Bear Purple Fan Character See Armor
GerritTheSuperFluffyBunny Gerrit Male Rabbit Red Fan Character See Gerrit
Trashy-Picture Trashy Female Lemur Purple Fan Character See Trashy
Silver the Cat Silver Female Cat Grey Inspired Characters See Silver
Ambrosia Ambrosia Female Wolf / Vampire Grey, black and rainbow Fan Character See Ambrosia
Skittlespic2 Skittles Female Gerbil Purple Fan Character See Skittles
Koala Redesign Koala Male Koala Grey Fan Character See Koala
Artemas Artemas Male Unicorn Blue Fan Character See Artemas
WARoc Flashy Male Bear Yellow Fan Character See Flashy
Sweetheart Sweetheart Female Monkey Yellow Fan Character See Sweetheart
Corndog James (Aka Corndog) Male Raccoon Blue Fan Character See James
Uwo Uwo Male Unknown Alien Species Green Fan Character See Uwo
Mystery Mystery Female Unknown Yellow Fan Character See Mystery
Mr. Noisy Mr. Noisy Male Bat Purple Fan Character See Mr. Noisy
Pumpkin Pumpkin Male Wolf Red Fan Character See Pumpkin
Strawberry Strawberry Male Wolf Red Fan Character See Strawberry
Screw Screw Female Dog (Husky) Grey Fan Character See Screw
Fluffy-GayleRainbow Fluffy Female Wolf Grey Fan Character See Fluffy (GayleRainbow)
Sylvia Sylvia Female Hybrid Grey Inspired by OC See Sylvia
Ken HTF Ken Transgender Bird Black Inspired by OC See Ken
Eydie HTF Eydie Female Lionness Pink Inspired by OC See Eydie
Little Spirit Chipmunk Spirit Genderless Element Spirit, Chipmunk White Inspired by OC See Chipmunk Spirit
Fire Spirit Fire Porcupine Female Element Spirit, Porcupine Yellow Inspired by OC See Fire Porcupine
Ice Spirit Ice Bear Female Element Spirit, Ice Bear Blue Inspired by OC See Ice Bear
Animal Spirit Wolf Spirit Female Element Spirit, Wolf Brown Inspired by OC See Wolf Spirit
Sand Spirit Sand Jackal Female Element Spirit, Jackal Brown Inspired by OC See Sand Jackal
Mummy Sand Mummy Genderless Unknown Brown Inspired by OC See Sand Mummy
Stone Spirit Stone Crocodile Female Element Spirit, Crocodile Grey Inspired by OC See Stone Crocodile
Plant Spirit Plant Monkey Female Element Spirit, Monkey Green Inspired by OC See Plant Monkey
Space Spirit Space Squirrel Genderless Element Spirit, Squirrel Blue Inspired by OC See Space Squirrel
Water Spirit Water Horse Female Element Spirit, Horse Blue Inspired by OC See Water Horse

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