Love Bites are short themed episodes that involve a couple. The fan ones are different since they don't always end with the couple breaking up, usually it's just a death.


Screenshot Title Characters Writer #
Cuddleslam "Lamb Love" Starring: Cuddles, Lammy
Featuring: none
Appearances: none
Spongebobfan123 1
Never get between a Lamb and her pickle!
200px "Bee Mine" Starring: tba
Featuring: tba
Appearances: tba
Spongebobfan123 2
200px "tba" Starring: tba
Featuring: tba
Appearances: tba
Writer 3
200px "Frozen Love" Starring: tba
Featuring: tba
Appearances: tba
Spongebobfan123 4
Find out why romantic winter dates are better spent inside.
Peridotomg "Un-bare-able" Starring: Peridot
Featuring: Sharky, Lapis
Appearances: None
Spongebobfan123 5
Peridot gets a show that she won't soon forget...
200px "Gone Batty" Starring: Batty, Flippy
Featuring: none
TreeFriendUser111 6
Find out why you should never be a Flippy-sue...ever...
Kiss "Love is Sharp" Starring: Petunia, Flaky
Featuring: none
Appearances:Giggles, Sweetheart, Terry
Spongebobfan123 7
Always be careful when proclaiming your love to a porcupine!
Meandlapis "Warm Hearts" Starring: Lapis, Sharky
Featuring: Frostbite
Spongebobfan123 8
Lapis and Sharky reconnect, which is bad news for Frostbite.

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