Name: Lucifer
Gender: male
Species: demon
Colors: dark purple
Interests: spending time with relatives, the behavior of mortals, killing his enemies.
Friends: Jadeite, Death, Nikolai
Enemies: enemies of Death, Corvus, people who have a extreme hatred of demons.
Love interests:  ?
First Appearance: TBD
Lucifer is a fan character made by User:Fenton Menace.

Biography Edit

Not much is known of Lucifer's life to most people except for Corvus, Death, and Jadeite. What is known is he wasn't from hell like most demons. Rather he was from Corvus' realm. This is why he is dark purple, since demons from Corvus' realm are mostly dark purple. At some point, Lucifer ended up with Death, its unknown if he was given to death, if he went to him to serve him, or if he was taken by Death.

Lucifer works by himself most of the time rather than working as a member of Death's army. It's unknown what his motives are or his goals besides killing enemies of Death when he is doing something for him.

He has the ability to manipulate darkness and pyrokinesis. He has mastered these abilities, but he has to wait for a certain amount of time before he can use them if he doesn't have enough magic to cast his abilities, and these powers are his only way of combating.

Personality Edit

Lucifer is a relentless and merciless killer when people get in his path. He is feared by many people, especially religious people due to his infamous reputation. But he has a soft side that his relatives see more often. He cares deeply and loves his relatives and will defend them and other people he cares about if he feels they are threatened.

Appearance Edit

He is a demon with a dark purple skin tone. He wears a black coat, with a white shirt underneath, he wears Velcro pants with shin guards. He has no hair. He has black medium sized horns.

Trivia Edit

  • TBA

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