Name: Lucine
Gender: female
Species: fox/bat
Colors: dark orange and gray
Interests: nudity, her girlfriend, friendship, music, gaming
Friends: Augustus, Aiden, TBA
Enemies: People who are disrespectful and rude.
Love interests: Augustus
First Appearance:
Lucine is a fan character made by user: Fenton Menace.

Biography Edit

Lucine's early life isn't really known as she doesn't remember most of it. She does remember her family, but she gets upset when talking about them or thinking about them. However, this doesn't effect her life very negatively.

She is a nudist, meaning she doesn't wear clothing, however she only does this at home since she believes that nudity in public makes people uncomfortable, and it should only be done at home in privacy. She doesn't like how nudity is misunderstood and how people are shunned and shamed for their body. Yet she believes that all bodies are natural and no one should be ashamed with the way their body looks.

Lucine enjoys making music and spending time with her friends and girlfriend.

Appearance Edit

She is a dark orange fox with gray wings. When shes in public, she wears a light blue jacket, gray sport shorts, and she has glasses.

Personality Edit

She is respectful and polite to everyone. Though she can be blunt on situations thus getting people to hate her. She believes that everyone should not be uncomfortable about their body as it is natural. She gets irritated when people don't understand nudity/nudists being naked everywhere. Where as its not as common in public, and is practiced more in privacy.

Trivia Edit

  • TBA

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