This is a list of characters, battles, locations and ranks in the military from Happy Tree Friends, Ka-Pow!, and special episodes. It includes the military's members, their commanders, their strongholds, their enemies, and battles that they fight.

The Tree Town ArmyEdit

The Tree Town Army is the canon army that is known from the show and that Flippy is part off.

Army Special ForcesEdit

The Army Special Forces consist of soldiers who do general warfare and go out into battle. Several teams consisting of 8 to 14 soldiers are marked in the army. There is usually one person who is a commander in each team and helps the others.

Team 1

Team 2

Image Name Gender Rank
Flippy Flippy Male Sergeant
Darkfire2 DarkFire Male Private
Sharpshot Sharpshot Male Private
KnipPicture Knip Male Private
Tirek (1) Tirek Male tba

Team 3

75th Ranger RegimentEdit

A special group that helps lead other forces to enemy bases or map out the battlefield. They also help plan raids, air raids, and deliver supplies.

Tiger ArmyEdit

The Tiger army is the opposing force of Happy Tree Town and the possible country it resides in. The leader is the Tiger General and his army in the canon show consists of entirely Blue Tigers or felines like himself. In the OC series there might be different species.


Army Special ForcesEdit

Secret AgentsEdit


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