Name: Nakey
Gender: Male
Species: Anteater
Colors: Green (currently Pink)
Interests: Streaking, Hair
Friends: Pervy
Enemies: tba
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


Nakey is a hairless anteater. Hence his name, his body is almost hairless (except for a few small green hairs). Because of his lack of hair, many characters are disturbed when he passes by.

He finds hair and clothes uncomfortable. The only thing he usually wears is pair of underwear, though he is known to take them off in public at certain times (like when excited). When he does, a censor bar appears over his leg area. In addition to public nudity, he has also been known to shave people who irritate him. He is also a little bit of a pervert.





  1. Late Night Studies - Hit by a car
  2. Book of Death - Suffocates


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