Name: Narc
Gender: Male
Species: Badger
Colors: Purple
Interests: Himself, staring drama
Friends:  ???
Enemies: Sharky, Xyloid
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


Narc is a purple Badger that wears a dirty tank. He is overly defensive and starts trouble.

Narc's name might as well be short for "Narcissistic". While he isn't insane or unstable, he thinks very highly of himself and, if anyone owns an object that is similar to one he owns, he will accuse that person of stealing or using his "Brilliant idea" . He is lazy and rarely goes outside, which is probably better for the rest of the town, so he isn't seen much in the show. When he is seen, he's very slow and he eats fries constantly.





  • The town police dislike him because he files so many reports of "stealing".
  • He really hates Xyloid for no reason, which is based on the fact that the creator was accused of stealing Xyloid's design.

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