Name: Nathan
Gender: Male
Species: Bear/Flying squirrel hybrid
Colors: Light Blue/Dark Green
Interests: History, protecting his friends/family, writing
Friends: Shudders
Enemies: Chipper
Love interests: Fang
First Appearance: TBA

Nathan is apart of Generation Omega, a Next Generation series created by User:SilentNinja2501.

About Edit

Nathan is a sophomore at Plasma High School, and loves learning about history. He is very friendly towards everyone, but only has a select few close friends.

He has superpowers, which are stronger than his brother's. Nathan barely uses them, however.

Relationships Edit

With Flippy Edit

Nathan loves hearing war stories from Flippy. In fact, his father's stories are what inspired him to become a journalist. Their relationship has been strong since day 1, and continues to be.

With Splendid Edit

Splendid taught both of his sons to fly, and to control their powers. Unlike Spectacular, however, Nathan listened to his father's advice and even gained a new power because of it. They get along fine.

With Spectacular Edit

They are identical in appearance and opposite in personalities, While Spectacular is a perfectionist and a troublemaker, Nathan is self-less and mellow. The twins tend to fight constantly, even if it is about non-important things, but they still love each other.

Additional Info Edit

  • He was born on February 24th
    • This means he is a Pisces, like the creator's brother
  • Superpowers include super speed, cryokinesis and aerokinesis
    • His cryokinesis is strong, and was his first power
    • The aerokinesis, however, is weak, considering he just obtained it

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