Nicole "Nikki" De Vil
Name: Nicole "Nikki" De Vil
Gender: Female
Species: Shapeshifting Demon

Albino Mouse/White Tiger hybrid (appears to be)

Colors: White, black
Interests: TBA
Friends: tba
Enemies: tba
Love interests: tba
First Appearance: tba

Nikki is a Shapeshifting Demon who takes form of a white and black Mouse/Tiger hybrid. She likes Roller Skating and considers it her favorite hobby.

Characteristics and BiographyEdit

Nikki, of course, has the ability to shapeshift into anything. She used to do this for fun and for evil, but recently she started to use it for good. She only shapeshifts if she needs to. Nobody knows her real appearance and only know her as an Mouse/Tiger hybrid.

Considering she is actually a demon, Nikki can "visit" hell and interact with demons and spirits.

Instead of walking, Nikki prefers roller skating around instead of walking, as she thinks it's easier. She always wears her roller skates around, except when she is at home. She commonly participates in roller skating competitions.

Nikki has OCD, but it's in the form compulsive, obsessive of organizing and checking. She thinks she must do things in a specific order or something will go wrong. Although she isn't as bad at Petunia, she still has panic attacks when things are out of order. When anyone needs help organizing something, Nikki is usually the person to volunteer.

Nikki has a bit of a stuttering problem, thus she hardly speaks. She doesn't like the fact that she stutters and usually communicates with body language. If she needs to speak, she will.


Due to her stuttering problem, she is a bit shy and quiet at times. Her friends consider her to be "cute" and is pretty neurotic when her OCD acts up. Nikki gets nervous easily due to her OCD.

Surprisingly, Nikki doesn't get angry easily. It's very hard to get her mad, but it's pretty easy to get her into a panic attack. Nikki has a bit of low self-esteem and is very self-critical about herself.

Nikki tries her best to be a good person and help others.


Nikki appears to be an almost completely white Albino Mouse/White Tiger hybrid with black stripes on her ears, feet, cheeks, and tail. Her inner ears, diamond shaped marking on her head, and tip of tail are also black. Her eyes are red. She also has light gray whiskers.

Nikki wears a dark gray shirt with swirls on it. Her shirt has an image of cheese on it as well. She also wears a light gray skirt with swirls and a heart in the middle. She also wears black roller skates with light gray wheels. She also has black earrings on the top of her ears.






  • She was apparently born on July 21st.
  • She and Jadeite are really good friends.
  • She was adopted from PattyHtf16.

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