Name: Niley
Gender: Male
Species: Gharial Crocodile
Colors: Dark Red
Interests: Sleep, Food
Friends: Yul, Evil Flippy, Bad Monkey
Enemies: Everyone Else
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


Niley is a dark red Gharial Crocodile that likes to eat other tree friends.

Niley has very intense meat cravings and he resorts often to eating other tree friends, thus, making him very much a cannibal. He loves biting the chest of his victims, often snapping them in half. His victims deaths are very slow and painful as they are often eaten alive.

However, Niley has very poor vision, as indicated by the glasses he wears at the end of his snout. Because of the placement, they don't help very much, and he usually ends up biting things that he doesn't mean to bite, and severely injuring himself.

He is often seen trying to fix his eye problems, but all attempts seem to fail.





  • Ironically, his name sounds more like a feminine name.
  • For some reason, he is afraid of the dark.

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