Noc Noc
Name: Noc Noc
Gender: Female
Species: Sloth
Colors: Green
Interests: Ghosts, Discoveries
Friends: ---
Enemies: ---
Love interests: ---
First Appearance: tba


Noc Noc is a very tired and paranoid sloth. She stays up late at night because she believes that she hears ghosts that are following her, and will wander through her home in the dark with a lantern. She also believes that the ghosts were called to her and that she must lead them somehow. It is unknown if the ghosts she sees are indeed real or if she is a paranoiac.

She is restless and oftentimes will fall asleep during the daytime, no matter where she is. Due to this, she causes a lot of deaths.





  • She is inspired by the game that is also called "Knock Knock".

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