Party Plaza
Season: 1
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 1:45
Death Count: 6

Party Plaza is a fan episode of htf. It is the first of the fan series.






A party is seen inside a building and Spaz is outside. Spaz gets excited and he hops into the building. He makes his way through the crowd and to the snack table. He drinks some punch from the bowl as Flamey and Petunia look on in annoyance.

Spaz is now super hyper and begins dancing. He bumps into Rubber and Rubber bounces to a wall. Rubber bounces off and hits Trix and Ronald. Ronald falls backwards and gets his horns stuck in the dj table, which tears his ears. Flare sees this and begins to flip out.

Several party guests leave as Flare begins stabbing Cotton. Rubber is still bouncing and he knocks over a speaker which crushes Toxins and Gerrit. Rubber is still bouncing and hits Flare who gets his knife impaled in his chest. The music stops as Ronald screams and his skin is torn away. Spaz stares awkwardly at the now quiet room, and backs away slowly.


  • Ronalds skin is torn off.
  • Crispy is stabbed by Flare.
  • Toxins and Gerrit are crushed under a speaker.
  • Flare and Rubber are impaled with the same knife.

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