Name: Peridot
Gender: Female
Species:  ???
Colors: Green
Interests: Technology, Learning
Friends: tba
Enemies: tba
Love interests: Sharky and Lapis (girlfriends)
First Appearance: Nutty-ella


Peridot is an unknown species that wears a visor and has robotic arms and legs, due to her being secretly short. She also seems to be bent on studying other tree friends. Due to this she can be considered an alien. She also has small robotic drones that she sends out to study other tree friends.= Her other powers include holograms, super strength, and a ray gun.

She is not exactly hostile, she just doesn't understand what she is doing can harm others.She is easily flustered and is good with technology. Likewise, she is similar to Flaky in that she is female and lacks eyelashes.






  1. Un-bare-able - Loses blood from a nose bleed.
  2. Bad Blood - Gets a mosquito bite


  • She is a htf version of Peridot from Steven Universe.
  • When she smiles widely, she has fangs.

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