Pervy Sights
Season: 1
Writer: HTForever333
Length: 2:35
Death Count: 3

Pervy Sights is a fan episode of htf. This episode introduces Horny.







Horny is seen in a hotel and he sneaks in without paying. He sees Lammy and gets an idea. Horny goes into the room under Lammy's and pokes a few holes in the ceiling untill he finds the bathroom. Horny gasps as Lammy then steps in the shower. Having the perfect view Horny is amazed at his good luck and starts laughing and shaking the ladder.

As Lammy takes her shower the water fills up the bottom of the tub, due to a drain clog. The weight of the water makes the floor crack because of the holes Horny had made. Noms walks by Horny's room and hears the noise. He looks in Horny's room and yells at him for spying on the person above him.

Horny doesn't care and runs out of the room. Noms goes to move the ladder, when the whole ceiling falls down on him, due to the cracks and holes Horny caused. Lammy shrieks and is then crushed by a pipe. Outside in the hall, Horny is now seen trying to woo Sophie. The scared Sophie huddles away as some water leaks out under the door. Horny shrugs and leaves as the episode ends with Cookie Dough slipping on the water.


  • Noms is crushed
  • Lammy is also crushed.
  • Cookie Dough's head breaks open when he falls.

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