Petunia Flaky
Type: Couple
This article covers the romantic shipping between Petunia and Flaky.

Info Edit

Petunia and Flaky are an old couple, is unpopular, and doesn't have a lot of fanart for it in the fandom. Some people support it just because they look good together.

Fans of the pair also ship them because they have been seen hanging out and it's implied that they are friends, and it's likely that Flaky would understand Petunia's OCD.

Interactions In Fanon Episodes Edit


Fanfiction Edit

Supporters Edit

Next Gen Series Edit

Purpleverse Edit

In Shiny's Purpleverse, Flaky and Petunia are married, and they have 2 daughters and 1 son, respectively. Their names are Furēku, Rosaline and Botany.

Fanart Edit

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