Smiles and Gary are seen hanging out in the towns cafe. They look up at the TV in the restaurant when TreeNet appears and he states that all crime will be legal in 30 minutes. Smiles and Gary frown, and decide that they should go back to Smiles' house for the night. Unfortunately, they walked to the cafe, so they have to try and walk to his house before the 30 minutes is up.

Smiles and Gary begin walking and they reach their neighborhood. But the alarm goes off and TreeNet declares that all crime is now legal for the whole night. Smiles and Gary scream and begin running when they see Slayer in the street. Slayer throws daggers at them for "practice" but he misses them and hits The Chicken instead. The Chicken collapses and Smiles and Gary run inside Smiles' house and barricade the door.

We see scenes around town of pure chaos, as Lifty and Shifty try stealing, but get shot with arrows, Hypno making Handy steal, and Koala brutally stabbing Giggles. Back inside the house, Smiles and Gary sigh in relief, believing they are safe. They look out the window however and see Flamey, dosing the house in gasoline. Gary and Smiles scream, trying to make Flamey go away, but Flamey lights a match and sets the house on fire. Having no choice, Smiles and Gary run out of the house and into town.

They suddenly hear a motorcycle behind them, and see Bad Monkey who is wearing a mask. Bad Monkey chases after them and has pepper spray, hoping to spray them. He catches up to them and sprays missing Gary but severely injuring Smiles' eyes. Smiles yells in pain and falls over, so Gary has to help pick him up. Bad Monkey turns around and is going to come back, so Gary helps Smiles and they hurry into a store. Bad Monkey loses control of his motorcycle and crashes into the side.

They find Sophie inside and she tells them that they should be safe there. Smiles sits down on the floor, his eyes swollen and Gary decides to talk with Sophie. Time passes and morning almost arrives. The tree friends cheer, thinking they have survived until the store's roof suddenly collapses, killing Sophie and Smiles. Gary crawls out of the rubble, hurt, but alive and TreeNet floats down laughing. The iris closes on Gary's freaked out face as the episode ends.


  • The Chicken is hit with daggers.
  • Lifty and Shifty are shot with arrows.
  • Giggles is stabbed to death.
  • Bad Monkey is splattered
  • Sophie and Smiles are crushed.


  • Smiles is blinded by pepper spray.

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