Sharpshot, Treads, and Thorny are bored and are walking through the town late at night. They suddenly hear someone scream from an apartment building so they go inside to help. They find a dazed and bloody Silver inside, and they decide to call an ambulance. Silver is acting oddly and she tries to attack Treads. The war members retreat back downstairs.

Instead of an ambulance however, Toxins is there in a bio hazard suit. He locks the doors leaving the war members trapped inside. Sharpshot demands to be let out while Thorny panics. Toxins covers the door with a net and leaves, while the war members decide to look for another way out.

The war members walk back up the stair case when they are suddenly attacked by Conspiracy who has bloodshot eyes. Sharpshot struggles with him and pushes him over the railing sending him falling to the ground below. Thorny loses it and flips out so the other war members retreat into a hallway and barricade the door.

The war members think they are safe until they see Smiles who is also acting oddly. They are able to lead Smiles back to his room and they decide to wait out in the hall. Thorny however, encounters Silvers once more and they get into a fight. Silver bites Thorny who screams, and they both fall backwards off the railing breaking their necks.

Back in the hallway, Spaz and Petunia also appear and have bloodshot eyes. Sharpshot and Treads successfully kill Spaz, who tries to bites them, but Treads is then attacked by Petunia. They kick Petunia's face in and decide to wait out the night.

As dawn arrives, Treads suddenly begins to act oddly and he starts to snarl at Sharpshot. Treads tries to attack him and Sharpshot tearfully punches him. They get into a fight and Treads tries to kill Sharpshot. They end up near a window and Treads is pushed out by a horrified Sharpshot. We hear loud beeping from outside as the episode ends.


  • Conspiracy falls to his death
  • Silver and Thorny break their necks when they fall
  • Spaz is stabbed
  • Petunia's face is kicked in
  • Treads falls out the window

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