Lady Rainstorm Thunder Dreamcatcher
Name: Lady Rainstorm Thunder Dreamcatcher
Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus
Colors: Azure, pale blue
Interests: Protecting Clesta, the air, videos games, clouds
Friends: tba
Enemies: tba
Love interests: None
First Appearance: tba

Rainstorm is an azure pegasus who is the Royal guard of Clesta.

Characteristics and BiographyEdit

Rainstorm, as the royal guard to Clesta, is like her bodyguard. She tries her best to protect Clesta as much she can. She was also the childhood friend of Clesta and stayed with her ever since.

Rainstorm can manipulate the air. Unlike Clesta, who can manipulate all kinds of weather, Rainstorm can just manipulate the wind around her. She needs wind in order to use her powers. She can also "make it rain" at will. She also has the ability to fly since she's a pegasus. Rainstorm also has telekinesis as well.

When she's on her free time, Rainstorm enjoys video games and sleeping on clouds.

Rainstorm has ADHD, so she has difficulty paying attention and is very hyperactive at times. She also has a short attention span.


Rainstorm is determined and stubborn, only rarely giving up and changing her opinion. She will do anything for her friends, especially Clesta, whom she is a royal guard for. She is very protective. She is pretty serious and hardly ever jokes around.

Because of her ADHD, she has difficulty paying attention and often has a short attention span. She is also hyperactive at times and is impulsive, often acting without thinking.


Rainstorm is an azure pegasus with pale blue splots on the tips of her ears, hands, and feet. She also has pale blue tips of wings and has raindrop-shaped splots on the bottom of her eyes. She also has dull blue hooves and has blue inner ears and stomach marking. Her eyes are also dark blue. Her mane and tail is periwinkle, but her mane has rainbow on the tips of her mane. Her mane is also tied in a ponytail.

For her clothes, Rainstorm has a grayish dark cyan shirt with a dark cyan cloud-like marking in the middle of her shirt. She also wears dark blue jeans and a blue ponytail tie.






  • She is 18 years old and was born on April 15th.
    • She has the same birthday as the creator's brother in real life.
  • She was originally called Auriga.
  • Rainstorm is based on two OCs the creator used to have; Wingly, a blue pegasus, and Alex, a bobcat who used to protect Clesta.
  • She only likes Clesta's friends.

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