Rink Hijinks
Season: Regular
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 1:41
Death Count: 3






The episode starts off at a roller skating rink, where Generic Tree Friends skate along. Moments later, Flaky enters the rink, but she seems to have some trouble with her footing. Flaky nearly falls over, and she hugs the wall for safety. But when Disco Bear quickly skates past Flaky, she gets filled with determination, and lets go of the wall. Flaky begins to get the hang of it, but not for long, as Horny skates in and accidently pushes Flaky aside.

Elsewhere in the rink, Chocolatey is seen cleaning the rink with a floor buffer while wearing skis. Suddenly, Flaky comes by, and she falls under Chocolatey's floor buffer. As Flaky gets sucked in, her body begins rubbing against the floor at a fast speed, and her quills begin to fly all over the place. As Horny skates along, Flaky's quills suddenly come in and puncture Horny all over his face and torso, which kills him. Meanwhile, Chocolatey can no longer contain the malfunctioning buffer, and the brushes get cemented to the floor. Because of this, Chocolatey is now getting twirled all over the place just before he gets flung away.

At the arcade of the rink, Mystery can be seen playing at a claw machine. Suddenly, Chocolatey comes in and his body crashes through the machine. As a dazed Chocolatey regains consciousness, he notices the claw machine's hook hovering over his body. It comes down, punctures his chest, and pulls out his heart. As Chocolatey screams at the loss of his heart, he suddenly passes out and dies with his blood flow cut off. Chocolatey's heart falls into the prize slot, and Mystery immediately grabs it. At first, Mystery seems confused by her "prize," but once it throbs, Mystery becomes fascinated. Before the episode ends, Nutty looks on and licks his lips, as Chocolatey's heart is partially chocolate.


  • Flaky rolls into a floor buffer and dies after being dragged along the floor at a fast speed.
  • Horny is killed when Flaky's quills fly at him, puncturing his head and torso multiple times.
  • Chocolatey has his heart torn out by a claw in a claw machine operated by Mystery.

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