Name: RiverRock
Gender: Male
Species: Hieracosphinx
Colors: Deep Blue
Interests: Food, Collecting Rocks, Movies and TV
Friends: tba
Enemies: tba
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


RiverRock is a Falcon/Lion hybrid who, as his name implies, likes collecting rocks.

But RiverRock is likely schizophrenic as he oftentimes will speak to his rocks when alone. He also always puts googly-eyes on his rocks. When he is around others he will oftentimes start protecting them from seemingly nothing at all, which confuses them greatly. Sometimes his protecting "fails" and the victim will be killed by a rock.

Personality wise, RiverRock is a gentle character at heart and he is very compassionate to others. He loves food and watching movies or TV.





  • He is Pansexual
  • He is one of the bird characters to have a long beak.
  • The difference between him and Lammy is that RiverRock 'kills' others a lot less than Lammy does and makes an effort to try and save others, even if it makes him look crazy.

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