Name: Scrawly
Gender: Male
Species: Virus
Colors: Dark Blue and Red
Interests: Swimming, Exploring, Reading
Friends: tba
Enemies: tba
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba

Scrawly is a character in Unicellular Organism Friends.


Scrawly is a small virus that is generally shy, but friendly. He doesn't seem to do much and he let's others on their merry way. Despite being shy and quiet, he is one of the most deadly viruses to larger Tree Friends and he often makes an angry face when he forgets and infects someone.

Actual VirusEdit

The actual Ebola virus has had an outbreak and it was of concern that the disease would spread world wide. This hasn't been the case however and the virus is still mainly in one location, and being researched.





  • He was used in a previous series from another Wiki called "Mini Micro Friends".
  • He was going to be renamed "Squiggle" but the name was already taken.

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