Name: Screechy
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Colors: Red
Interests: Food, Eating, Running, TV
Friends: Dino, Cuddles
Enemies: ---
Love interests: tba
First Appearance: tba


Screechy is a Red Dragon who has rounded ears, Brown horns, and small wings. He is very hyper active.

Screechy loves food, any kind of food, and is pretty much always hungry. He always tries to get food whenever he sees it and he is not picky about his meals either. It's likely that he is always so hungry because he is always full of energy and burning it off.

He can usually be seen running or hovering around in circles for no particular reason. He doesn't like sitting still and if trapped in a confined space, (such as an elevator) he will freak out and turn hostile.

Oddly enough though, he will sit still for his favorite TV shows.





  • He is Bisexual.
  • Despite being a Nutty-sue of sorts, he does not have a googly eye or items attached to his body.
  • He was originally named Snappy, but the name was taken.

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