Sharky is Bored, is a mini-series/blog.


Made by herself, the series follows Sharky, (technically Spongebobfan123 herself) as she records her nightly activities, with Peridot and Lapis. Each episode is based on an actual night of SBF123's real life, and what her, Peridot, and Lapis do together as a couple.

The series is inspired by Smosh and their ongoing series "Ian is Bored", however the commentary is similar to the Game Grumps in humor.

Style of VideosEdit

Each video can be anywhere from 4 to 10 minutes long. Main differences from the HTFOCs show, is that there are no deaths, no other characters, and everyone speaks. There are captions included in every episode, for everything, often times spelled in humorous ways. (All the captions are written as they appear in the show on the transcripts)

Since the whole night is obviously not recorded, there are many, many, many, jump cuts, but it is generally easy to follow. Humorous quotes are highlighted, along with reactions to movies/TV.

Later episodes have more of a theme, where all three of them talk about a certain subject or do something, like responding to hate mail.


You can "appear" on the show if you make fan art or ask questions, since several episodes will be dedicated to this. You can submit anything or make suggestions on this thread.

Episode ListEdit

All episodes so far! They don't have titles, they are numbered instead! Think of it as...a surprise, whenever you click. :P


Arc 1Edit


  • Sometimes, if they all decide to look on the computer and end up on the wiki, it's pretty much a paradox/fourth wall break.
  • There might be mature content in later episodes. (so be prepared ;) )
  • Because Lapis and Peridot are actually gems, it may not make sense if they talk about gem problems/culture as HTFs, since their HTF forms lack gems.

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