This episode takes place on New Years Eve, 12/31/2015 - 01/01/2016. Everyone hung out from 10:45 PM to 2:00 AM



(Video starts with Sharky looking into the camera)

Sharky: It's new years eve guyss

(Cut to everyone sitting on the couch)

Peridot: What? o.o

Sharky: It's just...the new year

Sharky: Uhh :x

Sharky: Ireallydon'tcare :D

Peridot: Well good.

Peridot: This sounds lovely >_>

Sharky: And you kiss the one you love at the stroke of twelve. :)

Lapis: Oh :D

Lapis: Wait how are we gonna do that?

Sharky: Oh good point

Sharky: Just pick one of us I guess B)

Lapis: Oh. But...

Lapis: No :(

Sharky: (offscreen) Better pick one of us.

Lapis: No! >:(

(Cut to Sharky holding Bonnie and Foxy keychains, before pressing them together)

Sharky: Now kissssssss

(Cut to the TV which is playing the beginning of War of the Worlds. Sharky smiles widely with a exaggerated expression, before turning to Lapis and Peridot, who slightly laugh)

Sharky: It's happeningggg

(Time passes, and we see the outside of the character's houses in the movie which is...under a stone bridge?)

Peridot: Where the hell is that?

Sharky: Hahaha, I don't know! :'D

Sharky: It's the same, I had no idea :D

Peridot: What?

Sharky: No idea :D

(A little more time passes and Sharky messes with the remote. She slightly gasps since the time reads exactly midnight)

Sharky: Happy New Yearrsss!!!

Lapis: Oh no, what do I do???

(Lapis turns to Sharky, then to Peridot, then back to Sharky. Peridot gets up and the three of huddle together, trying to kiss, which they do)

Sharky: Aw see, that worked :D

(Everyone turns back to the TV, to which alien tripods are coming out of the ground.)

Lapis: Wh-Wha-What are those things?

Sharky: Aliens! B)

Sharky: But...their under the ground? I don't understand.

(Scene cuts to one of the characters returning home in the movie after the invasion, covered in dust. Sharky bursts out laughing.)

Sharky: Oh my gosh, it's almost-

Sharky: Haha :'D

Sharky: Identical!

Peridot: Whaat? o_o

Sharky: There's a movie that makes fun of this.

Sharky: I watched it before, but I didn't know it matched so well.

Sharky: Like he was covered in dust and it just keeps falling everywhere.

(Later on, Sharky decides to buy a different movie. She rents Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension)

Sharky: All right, first movie of 2016! Better be good!

(Meanwhile, Sharky digs into a jar of chocolate frosting, as Lapis gets scared.)

Lapis: This reminds me of the mirror for some reason. :(

Sharky: Want me to turn it off?

Lapis: Hmm, no, i'm ok.


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