This blog takes place on 10/29/2016. Everyone hung out from around 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM


Sharky and her girlfriends play a weird and hilarious game for their first official blog.


(Video starts with Lapis, Sharky, and Peridot looking into the camera)

(Sharky stares blankly then looks down)

Lapis: Are you gonna staaart?

Sharky: I haven't done this in a while ok? >///<

Lapis: Yeah, like a year...

Sharky: Mmmhmm. u_u

Peridot: What are we doing?

Lapis: Is this the wiki place? :o

Lapis:With like Aiden, and Sunflower girl?

Sharky:What th-

(Sharky looks directly at the camera)

Sharky:Are you- ?_?

(dramatic zoom in on Sharky's face with intense sound)

Sharky: SPYING on me? O_o

(Everyone turns silent)


Lapis: Why can't I see your Wiki-stuff?

Sharky: I show you it!

Sharky: ...sometimes... u_u

(everyone is watching Sharky scroll on the computer screen)


Sharky: (Clicks on an image of Literature) Look

Sharky: Isn't he so cute??

Peridot: Ooo

Lapis: Yeah! :D

Lapis: He is!

Sharky: Actually-

[[[Cut to Sharky on Google showing a Sniffles/Flaky image]]]

Sharky: He's the kid of those two.

Lapis: Ooo :o

(Peridot nods approvingly)

[[[Cut to Sharky on a different Website]]]

Sharky: So this is a game.

(Game shows an overly happy girl with her arms outstretched, along with options)

Sharky: (Looks slightly disappointed) Aw, I know this one-

Sharky: But yeah, what's the title of this Wikihow article?

Lapis: (Starts to giggle excessively)

Peridot: I say "How to be Indie"

Lapis: I say it's "How to make lemonade when life gives you lemons"

Sharky: (grins)

Sharky: Lapis was right!

(Everyone smiles and chuckles)


Sharky: Ok, this one I don't know!

(Game now shows a girl with closed eyes and strange lines coming from her mouth)

Lapis: Wh-What? D:

Peridot: Umm? o-o

Sharky: Let's see the-

(Everyone breaks into laughter)

Sharky: Options...

Lapis: How does that relate to any of these???

Peridot: Is it the Nasal Cavity one???

Sharky: It would make sense but this game is a mindfuck-

Sharky: But still

(Sharky selects that answer regardless)

Lapis: WHAT!

(The correct answer is revealed to be "How to be Royal")

Sharky: Oh yes, that's so royal... -_-

Sharky: Ffff NEXT!

(Game now shows a girl and doctor with a speech bubble that shows a enlarged belly)

Peridot: Ummm

Sharky: Something to do with Fetuses right


Sharky: I'm going to guess...

Sharky: How to be famous when your young because...

Sharky: They're talking about fat..?

Peridot: Ohhh that's horrible.

Peridot: But it makes sense.

Sharky: I'll go with it!

(Sharky selects the answer)

Sharky: WHAT.

Sharky: How to clear nasal problems???'

Sharky: How does a fat stomach relate to your nose??

(Lapis shakes her head)

(Game now shows a group of finely dressed men and a few women clapping)

Sharky: OOOOO This is a good one!

Sharky: It has to be either How to make a Best Friends Club or How to be laid back

Lapis: I say it's a Best Friends Club!

Peridot: Hmmm...

Sharky: I say laid back.

Sharky: (points to a man in the image) This guy just he is clapping less.

Sharky: He's being cool?

Sharky: Laid back.

Peridot: I actually agree with that it!

(Sharky clicks answer and it is revealed to be "How to make a Best Friend's Club")


(Sharky stares into the camera seriously while trying not to smile. Dramatic sound effect)

[[[Game now shows a man with an anatomically incorrect arm while saying "I am crazy!)]]]

Peridot: Uhh, what?

Lapis: How to act like Doctor Who?

Sharky: But Doctor Who wouldn't say that! I don't think...

Sharky: I don't exactly watch the show <_<'

Lapis: I have NO idea...

Sharky: It's gotta be How to be Interesting.

(Sharky clicks answer and it is revealed to be "How to Act like Doctor Who")

Sharky: Whatthefuck.

[[[Cut to close up of computer screen that shows a red 20%]]]

Sharky: That's my percentage for answers I got right. -.-

(Lapis laughing in the background)

Sharky: Yep.

[[[Game now shows a Woman about to cut a red string that connects her to a man with vampire teeth]]]

Lapis: Ohh...

Sharky: I'm just getting abusive relationship vibes.

Peridot: That's an option with the cheating boyfriend one.

Sharky: I know, but that's not going to be the answer because it seems correct.

Sharky: So...

(Sharky selects "How to Simplify Life" which is correct)

Sharky: YES! Finally, I fusgdjs KNEW IT! :D

(Close up of Lapis looing directly at the camera)

[[[Game now shows what appears to be the Kul Klux Klan in Black Hoods]]]

Sharky: Whoaaaa, okay there.

Lapis: (smiling) Spooky.

Peridot: This game is just odd on every level...

Sharky: I'm just...i'f this ISN'T "How to be a Villain", i'm going to lose my mind...

(Sharky selects the Villain answer which is correct)

Sharky: (Puts a hand on her chest) Thank...God...

[[[Game now shows a very ugly drawing of two girls laughing on what appears to be a swing]]]

Sharky: This has to be either "How to train for the Olympics" or "How to make a man-swing"

Lapis: "How to be Good to your Husband"? What?

Peridot: Olympics.

(Sharky selects the Olympics answer which is wrong)

Lapis: HOW TO BE EDGY???

Sharky: What the fuc-


Sharky: Alright, that's the end of the blog for now...

Peridot: (Waves) Byyeee

Lapis: Bye people!


  • The game featured in the blog can be found here.

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