Shifty's profile
Name: Shifty
Gender: Male
Species: Raccoon
Colors: Green
Interests: Stealing
Enemies: Splendid
Love interests: Depends
First Appearance: Easy for You to Sleigh (TFU111 Version)


Shifty is likely the older of the two raccoon thieves and he is often the one to make plans. He looks identical to his brother however, Shifty wears the hat. He drives their van in getaways and is greedy like his brother.

While both of the twins steal; Shifty is more cruel then his brother and will go to great risks to get money, even sacrificing his brother in order to get a bigger share of loot. He also tends to act very quickly when he has to improvise.




  1. Easy for You to Sleigh (TFU111 Version) - Cut open


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