Name: Shudders
Gender: Female
Species: Porcupine/Raccoon hybrid
Colors: Light Red/Dark Green
Interests: Photography, animation
Friends: Spitfire
Enemies: ---
Love interests: TBA
First Appearance: ---

Shudders is apart of Generation Omega, a Next Generation series created by User:SilentNinja2501.

About Edit

Shudders is a paranoid, yet friendly, young photographer and animator. She is a sophomore at the Plasma High School, and has a couple of close friends. Shudders mainly spends her time alone in a tree house Nut had built for her on her 15th birthday.

Relationships Edit

With Flaky Edit

Shudders and Flaky are similar in that both are on the quieter side. Flaky had always tried connecting with and encouraging her daughter, but to no avail. Shudders doesn't interact with her close family as much, and prefers to be around Tree Friends her age.

With Lifty Edit

Lifty used to spend a lot of time with Shudders when she was younger. They would visit friends, go to the park, steal someone's stuff and other father-daughter bonding activities. As Shudders grew into her teen years, she entered an awkward stage where she wasn't sure where she belonged in society. Her current isolated attitude is what tore them apart.

With Thomas Edit

Tom is the only close relative of Shudders' that she likes being around. They help each other with their issues, and seem to understand one another quite well.

Additional Info Edit

  • Was born on January 27th
    • She is an Aquarius, like the creator
  • Her photography job is a reflection of the creator's new job
  • Shudders loves animation. This is yet another reference to the creator

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