Name: Skye
Gender: Female
Species: Flying Squirrel
Colors: White, light blue, sky blue
Interests: Caring for children, helping others deal with PTSD, trying to make the law better
Friends: tba
Enemies: Jasper, Pervy, Disco Bear
Love interests: Lapis (crush)
First Appearance: tba
Skye is a white and light blue flying squirrel who is a child caregiver, nanny, motivational speaker, and therapist.

Characteristics and BiographyEdit

As stated above, Skye is a child caregiver, nanny, motivational speaker, and therapist. She wants to help people and make the world a better place.

Skye likes children and usually takes care of other people's kids while they're unable to for the time being.

She feels sorry for orphans and tries to help them by entertaining them in her spare time. Skye doesn't have the money to adopt one, however, so she just visits them from time-to-time.

Skye mainly works a therapist, mainly an abortive therapist and a supportive therapist. She is also a "rescue therapist". She mostly talks to tree friends who have serious medical/mental conditions, like PTSD, schizophrenia, etc.

Despite this, Skye has OCD, mostly with Dermatillomania and checking things constantly. She also seems to repeat her thoughts sometimes.

Since she is a flying squirrel, she can glide, but not fly like Splendid or Splendont.


Skye is seen as kind-hearted and empathetic. She is very open-minded and believes that she speaks the truth. She tries her best not to judge anyone, especially on others.

However, since she believes what she does is right, she comes off as a bit arrogant at times. Sometimes when she speaks her thoughts, other tree friends can get annoyed.


Skye is a mainly white flying squirrel. She has sky blue inner ears, abdominal marking, patagiums, head marking, and tuff. She has light blue spots on her ears, left eye, left hand, and feet. She has a light blue tail marking as well. Her left eye is dark cyan while her other eye is periwinkle. She has freckles and a blue peace necklace.







  • She is about 20 years old.
  • Skye is a homosexual.
    • A possible reason for this is probably because she doesn't trust men.
  • She believes that rape and abuse victims are treated unfairly and therefore HATES victim blaming.
  • Many tree friends find her appearance very strange, due to her spots. Some think she is an alien or somehow related to Splendid, however these are not true.

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