Name: Slippy
Gender: Male
Species: Dolphin
Colors: Blue
Interests: Dancing, Super Mario, Jokes
Friends: ---
Enemies: Flaky, Ronald
Love interests: Jazz (Boyfriend)
First Appearance: tba


Slippery is a Blue dolphin with an abnormally sharp nose. He also has dialated pupils and he smiles widely most of the time. He wears a Red hat with an S on it.

Slippery looks friendly but he actually has uncontrollable bursts of violence and will kill others. Mainly he will stab others with his nose. He doesn't mean to do this, but he doesn't exactly show any remorse or concern for his actions either, which leaves his personality up to question.

He is mainly friendly to others otherwise, and he loves the Super Mario Brothers games.






The original drawing, Slippy shown on the left.

*He was inspired by a sketch the creator did in class.
  • He was also inspired by the fact that the creator loves Sharks and that they get a bad when in fact, Dolphins are capable of grotesque and horrible behavior such as killing the babies of other species.
  • His name was changed to 'Slippy' since it sounds much like Flippy who also kills others.
  • He sometimes will imitate Mario games when he kills, such as jumping on a victim.
  • His hat also looks like a Mario hat with his initial instead of an M.
  • He seems very oblivious to what's right and what's wrong and will tell someone about something horrible super casually.

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