Name: Snatchy
Gender: Female
Species: Hyena
Colors: Brown
Friends: tba
Enemies: Lifty and Shifty
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


Snatchy is a brown striped hyena who is a oftentimes a thief.

Snatchy is more like an antihero. She dislikes and cannot follow some laws and rules. She acts like a very neutral person the majority of the time. Since she is an antihero, Snatchy is pretty much interested in crime, mostly stealing. She actually enjoys what she does and never regrets it. Most other characters don't know she is a theif at first as she actually has charm and courteousness, even as a thief.

Like most of thieves, she's very interested in money and golf. Although being a thief, she still has some morality inside her. She can play both the good side and bad side. She will act naughty towards other characters and sometimes injure other characters, mostly thieves. But if she sees a character in life-threatening danger, she could possibly rescue them.





  • She is bisexual, but seems to be more serious and empathetic with other females.
  • She is one of the creators oldest character ideas.

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