Name: Snowball
Gender: Female
Species: Hyena
Colors: White
Interests: Programming, sleeping on her desk, computers, games
Friends: Lovely,

Greg, Glitch Glitch

Enemies: Dash,

Bad Monkey

Love interests: Unknown
First Appearance: N/A

Snowball is a fan made Hyena HTF character.

Information Edit

Snowball is a smart character she used to make video games. People often distrust her because of her behavior to most characters. She really hates large crowds and enjoys being left alone. Snowball has a very grumpy personality and is often very sarcastic. Snowball can act very social but only because she doesn't want people to think she's weird. She also has sleeping problems and often falls asleep while working on new projects. She might have work with Dash on a big project but this is not confirmed by herself, she doesn't like talking about her projects and says she doesn't want to see Dash.

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