Name: Snowy
Gender: Male
Species: Squid
Colors: White
Interests: Reading, Writing
Friends: Clump, Slice, Dropply, Spike
Enemies: Stinger
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba

Snowy is a character in Splashy Sea Friends.


Snowy is a white squid that originally came from the Arctic Ocean. He is used to cold waters, and enjoys playing by glaciers. He moved to Coral Reef Town to make new friends.

Snowy's parents and little sister were attacked by a rabid polar bear, and they were permanently killed as a result. Snowy has been traumatized by this event and if he is reminded of it he will flip out and go on a killing spree.

Despite his flip outs he is generally friendly and happy towards others. He will occasionally grow sad about his family.




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