Name: Sobek
Gender: Male
Species: Leviathan
Colors: Green
Interests: Food, Yaoi, Lakes and Caves
Friends: Sharky
Enemies: ---
Love interests: Blackout (Boyfriend)
First Appearance: tba


Sobek is a mythical Leviathan, a large sea monster whom lives in the ocean. He has pointy fins, sharp teeth, and four arms. Sobek is very very strong and can tear into flesh with ease.

However, this is very not like his personality at all. Sobek is very kind, but also shy and nervous. He likes eating, creating stories and Yaoi or boy x boy stuff. Many think he is weird because he can sometimes be overly loud or strange, while others are afraid of him because he is a mythical creature.

Sobek does have a dangerous side. A lot of times he can get very easily confused and when this happens, his mindset changes and he can become aggressive, biting or slapping people. He can often end up accidentally killing others because he is so strong. He seems to just "go away" during these times and won't respond to English. These periods could be caused by some disorder or brain damage.

His deaths involve his stomach or tail.






  • He is the creators self-insert and everything resembles him except for violent episodes.
  • The word "Sobek" is the name of an ancient Egyptian god who had the head of the crocodile, however Sobek (the HTF) is not a crocodile in the slightest.
  • He is one of the few characters to have more than 2 arms.

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