Name: Spectacular
Gender: Male
Species: Bear/Flying squirrel hybrid
Colors: Light Blue/Dark Green
Interests: Impressing others, being "number 1", his superpowers
Friends: Tod
Enemies: Flitter
Love interests: Pisces
First Appearance: TBA

Spectacular is apart of Generation Omega, a Next Generation series created by User:SilentNinja2501.

About Edit

Spectacular is a sophomore at Plasma High School.He is known to be selfish and a perfectionist. He doesn't seem to care about the well-being of others, and will often put himself before others. He is not well-liked by some Tree Friends, but is looked up to by others.

Spectacular uses his superpowers almost all the time. They come in handy when he's lazy, especially his telekinesis.

Relationships Edit

With Flippy Edit

Their relationship is complicated. As a cub, Spec and Flippy shared a strong connection. However, once Splendid started showing the boys how to control their superpowers, Spectacular became more rambunctious and rowdy.

With Splendid Edit

Spec looks up to his father. He always goes to him for pointers on how to strengthen his powers, and other ideas to improve himself. They have a pretty good relationship overall.

With Nathan Edit

They have the same appearance and opposite personalities. Spectacular is rowdy, while Nathan is calmer. It is rare they aren't seen arguing, and most of the time its about something unimportant.

Additional Info Edit

  • He was born on February 24th
    • This makes him a Pisces, like the creator's brother
  • His superpowers include super speed and telekinesis

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