Splashy Sea Friends is a Spinoff series created by Spongebobfan123.


Splashy Sea Friends is a spinoff series featuring sea creatures. Due to them living underwater they have different and unique deaths. They characters live in a coral reef that also has buildings and houses. Instead of cars, the characters swim to places.


  • Sara - A sea anemone who is generally friendly.
  • Fin - An adventurous red fish who often gets into trouble.
  • Spike - A puffer fish who puffs up when nervous.
  • Snowy - A squid with a tragic past. He has PTSD.
  • Squidly - A shy squid with many different phobias.
  • Dropply - A pink hammerhead shark who has a disability.
  • Squiggle - A smart and intelligent octopus who likes to help others.
  • Slice - A blue saw fish that is male yet has eyelashes.
  • Floats - A charming blue jellyfish.
  • Stinger - A sea anemone that is a bully.
  • Clump - A young shark who is curious and sometimes messes around with the occult.
  • Basic - A female shrimp, who looks like a base with extra parts.
  • Goodevil - A Angler Fish with a split personality.
  • Snappy - A orange crab who laughs constantly
  • Sparkle - A beautiful fish with different colored scales.
  • Fillet - A fish who likes
  • Laughly - A mentally unstable harlequin shrimp who is also a clown.


For a list of episodes see List of Splashy Sea Friends episodes.

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