Steamed Shower
Season: HTFBreak
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 0:58
Death Count: 2

Steamed Shower is a HTF fan Break.




Sharky and Lapis are seen getting ready for a shower. Sharky has the water extremely hot as usual, but helps Lapis get used to it. They are seen holding hands in the shower and looking into each other's eyes for a bit, before Sharky begins to shampoo her feathers.

The shampoo drips down into her eyes and it starts to burn, and she begins fumbling, trying to exit the shower to get her towel. She ends up bumping her nose into the wall a few times. Lapis tries to help, but Sharky slips trying to step out and falls backwards, hitting her head into the wall. At the same time, Lapis has quickly grabbed Sharky's arms and pulls her, which causes Lapis to slip backwards.

Sharky is launched and cracks her head on the toilet, while Lapis hits the edge of the Shower step, cracking her head as well. Meanwhile, the conditioner bottle reads "HTFOCs Break".


  • Sharky and Lapis both crack their heads open.


  • Sharky burns her eyes with shampoo and hits her nose a few times.


  • This episode is based on the fact that Spongebobfan123 injures herself in the shower quite a bit.

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