Name: Sucks
Gender: Female
Species: Mosquito
Colors: Orange
Interests: Blood, Safe places
Friends: The Ant Family
Enemies:  ???
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


Sucks is an orange mosquito.

Sucks is a female blood sucking mosquito, (only female mosquitoes suck blood) that loves to bite the other characters. She is small, but slightly bigger than the ant family. Her left eye is damaged for an unknown reason, and it can cause her to fly in erratic patterns. Unlike Niley, however, she has no trouble getting her meals.

Sucks also is constantly on the lookout for a warm shelter that she can call home. She has been seen with The Ant Family, but they only let her stay in their hill temporarily. If she is left outside in the rain or windy weather, she will panic.

Despite being a bug, the creator wants her to have more unique deaths, so she will hardly ever be swatted.




  1. Bad Blood - Drowns



  • She is the first bug on this wikia.
  • She also actually looks like a bug that would be in the cannon show.

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