That's Just Skate
Season: Holiday Special
Writer: SupersquirrelSplendont
Length: 5:09
Death Count: 4






A pair of ice dancers, Mystery and Mime, skate in an arena full of spectators, including Flaky. Mystery is somehow thrown into the air and spins before falling back down. Mime attempts to catch her but she ends up splattering on the hard ice. One of her skates then decapitates him. The tragedy causes Flaky to puke, her vomit quickly freezing on the floor.

Dino later tapes a poster to the wall, wanting new ice dancers. Disco Bear shortly comes by and volunteers to be the male dancer. He goes to the ice rink, where Flippy, a goalie, successfully blocks pucks during a hockey match between Mr. Noisy and Neon. Disco Bear gets flirty with two spectators, Lily and Dash, hoping one of them would be his partner. The girls just march off. Flaky is suddenly spotted on the ice, struggling to skate. She falls over, but Disco Bear lifts her up and practices dancing with her, gaining her trust.

That night, Dino presents his new ice dancers to their first gig. Flaky is the first to be pushed into the ice rink, followed by Disco Bear. All goes well until the latter becomes bored, so he leaves and Flaky struggles to avoid slipping. Disco Bear approaches a control panel and activates a disco ball. He gets back into the dancing spirit, forgetting about Flaky until she falls over. This time Flaky has her quills stuck to the ice. Disco Bear pulls her out, but sends her flying. She goes high enough to reach the disco ball, then hangs onto it for dear life.

Once again unsatisfied, Disco Bear tampers with the controls again. He makes the disco ball spin faster, causing Flaky's dandruff to fly off. The crowd mistakes them for snowflakes, adding special effects and charm to Disco Bear's act. Flaky eventually loses her grip and falls. Disco Bear attempts to finish his performance by catching his partner. However, the porcupine lands on her back and skewers her partner.

Flaky gets back up to realize the crowd is cheering her on. She enjoys her moment of fame, that is until the disco ball crashes down on her. Dino goes to clean up the mess, only to slip over the frozen puddle of Flaky's vomit.


  • Mystery splatters on the ice.
  • Mime is decapitated by one of Mystery's skates.
  • Disco Bear is skewered onto Flaky's quills.
  • Flaky is crushed by the disco ball.

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